Success with Namenda?

Has anyone had success wih Namenda? From most stories I hear it sounds like if you need namenda then it’s already too late  🙁

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submitted by on Tuesday, 12/22/2009 - 12:19am

i don't think my mom has had success with this medication. it seems that the hallucinations get worse as the dosage is increased.does medication really help anyway?

submitted by on Tuesday, 11/30/2010 - 1:28pm

I think Jo G's comments illustrate an important truth. Different people react differently to the same drugs. That is probably true of drugs in general, but it is remarkably obvious in people with dementias. A drug my husband has taken with great success for seven years isn't tolerated at all -- made things worse -- for the loved ones of other people in my support group. And a drug that works well may become less effective as the person's condition changes. Coming up with the right combination of drugs for a person with dementia has got to be a huge challenge for the medical care provider. I am extremely grateful that we see a specialist with in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing research scene and vast patience to follow through and make adjustments. There is a lot of trial-and-error involved in coming up with the right meds at the right doses. It is frustrating to try drugs that don't work or even seem to make things worse, but often that is the best we can do with the current state of scientific knowledge.Stellad, if Namenda is not working for your mom, that is the important fact in your situation. Maybe it helps other people, but that is not what matters. I hope you are discussing your concerns with her prescribing doctor. Doctors can't make adjustments if they don't get feedback about the outcome.

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My Mom was on Aricept and Namenda for several years.  Due to other recent medical related problems, they have been reduced and ultimately discontinued.  My mother is now in the advanced moderate to severe stage of her Alzheimer's. My husband with LBD began taking Aricept about 15 months ago, but it was discontinued due to some increasing incontinence issues.  Namenda was used to replace the Aricept and he continues to take it.  The Aricept was re-introduced but again discontinued.  He also has tried the Exelcon Patch, but that was discontinued, as well, due to skin irritations that were bothering him.  My husband thinks that the Namenda is helping him and his doctor and I know that is worth something, so he continues to take it twice a day.  Truthfully, I don't see the difference, but I value that my husband believes it is working more than my own observations.

submitted by on Thursday, 08/12/2010 - 5:18pm

Namenda is  best for mid-stage dementia (Alzheimer's usually) -- does your mom have Lewy Body dementia? You mentioned hallucinations, just wondering.From what I've been hearing only bout half of people who take namenda see any benefit. So it sounds like your mom may be one of the people who does not benefit, unfortunately

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My husband has Lewy Bodies and takes Namenda.  He has been taking it for more than a year and what a difference it made.  It was rather difficult getting him adjusted to it.  I don't recall the exact recommened doses.  I do remember he tolerated first dose of the day (10mg) without problem, but when it was time to put him on second 10mg dose of the day, it seemed he had more agitation.  I had heard so many good things about Namenda so I wanted to make sure we really gave it a good test, so we stayed with the one AM dose for a lot longer than recommended.  Then gradually tried getting him on the second dose of the day.  We cut the pills in half for a long time but eventually he was able to tolerate both daily doses without agitation.  I am so glad we took the time to get him adjusted because now he has no hallucinations and only minor delusional thoughts.  For us it was a life saver.  I might also add he is on Aricept and Seroque 50mg XR at bedtime. Thanks Mary

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