Alzheimer’s Life Expectancy Calculator: Introduction & Disclaimer

 In order to use this Calculator, you must know the individual’s Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) score. If you do not know their MMSE score, you can take the MMSE online or download the test and calculate their score.  Either approach takes about 15 minutes.

Please read and agree to the following before using the Alzheimer’s Life Expectancy Calculator.

This tool provides 2 results.

1) Estimated Time Until Nursing Home Care
How many months until the individual requires the level of medical care and supervision provided in a nursing home. “Nursing Home Level of Care” is a formal designation of a level of care, it does not mean the individual must move to a nursing home. Many persons receive “nursing home level of care” in their own homes.

2) Estimated Time Until Death
How many months until the individual with Alzheimer’s passes. The tool is most accurate for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who have not had other major health conditions in the past such as a stroke.

At present this life expectancy calculator is designed only for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Our intention is to expand it to other types of dementia as we expand the data set from which results are generated.

This tool cannot and does not attempt to provide an actual life expectancy. Rather based on the information provided by the user and the statistical information in our database, it provides a range of years and months in which individuals with similar demographics and symptoms have survived.

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