Alzheimer’s / Dementia Online Quick Test: Introduction & Disclaimer

Please read and agree to the following before beginning the Alzheimer’s / Dementia Quick Test. Note this test asks questions of the caregiver, family member or someone familiar with the individual showing symptoms.  For a test that asks questions of the patient, go here.

This test cannot provide a definitive diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you are seeking a definitive diagnosis you must schedule an appointment with your physician. Instead, this test provides concerned family members with a Clinical Dementia Rating score for their loved one. This score indicates the relative level of dementia the individual may have and what if any, next steps might be taken. This test was originally intended to be administered by a medical professional. In this version, the level of expertise required to administer the test has been lowered so that a someone familiar with the patient, such as a close family member, can do so. Therefore the results of this test may be less accurate than were it administered by a trained professional.

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