Brain Changes Stemming from Dementia

When a person has dementia, the brain shrinks. The brain of a person in the latest stages of dementia may be 1/3 the size of that of someone without dementia.

Effects of brain changes include effects on speech: you may notice your loved one has the following symptoms:

  • trouble finding correct words
  • vagueness of speech
  • very limited language ability
  • garbled speech

Some ways to respond to these problems include:

Effects of brain changes in memory include common problems such as:

  • progressive memory loss: orientation to time and place may be lost, as well as recall of relationships and memories
  • “confabulation,” or narrative of things which have not occurred.
  • surfacing of memories from long ago and thinking they are related to or are the present

Watch a few brief videos on brain changes and memory problems, then read on for ideas on how to cope with such memory problems.