Financial & Legal Issues for Persons with Dementia

Did you know?

When caregivers are exploring the types of insurance benefits available to their loved ones, they may want to consider changing or improving their own insurance coverage if possible. As caregivers are providing care for a person with dementia, increasing coverage can help protect both parties in case of unexpected illness or injury.

Financial and legal issues are not the first thing that most people think about when providing care for a loved one with dementia, but these are important issues that should not be overlooked. In particular, there are several legal documents that the person with dementia should sign so that — if his or her decision-making capability is diminished in the later stages of the illness — care decisions are made by someone that he or she trusts. Final wishes of all kinds that may be important to the individual, such as preferred living situation, care for a pet, and even funeral arrangements, need to be made while the person with dementia still has decision making capacity.

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