Finding Dementia Care

Did you know?

Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, discovered Alzheimer's disease in 1907. He noticed that a female patient slowly lost her memory and ability to think and talk and that she developed judgment problems. After her death, he viewed her brain through a microscope and noticed abnormal growths, which he called plaques and tangles, in parts of her brain. These changes occur in the brain of everyone with Alzheimer's disease.

Through a variety of partnerships, our organization is now able to provide free assistance finding dementia care. Regardless of the type of care that is required, we help families locate the right care providers for their needs at no charge. There are many dementia care services available and finding the right care provider for your loved one can be a time-consuming challenge. This is especially true for those who already spend much of their time providing care.

Choose the type of care you are seeking and follow the links below to get started.

Home Care
Persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia are sometimes resistant to care providers coming into their homes. Our partner,, specializes in helping families find the right individual(s) that provide assistance and make their loved ones feel comfortable. Get free help finding care here.

Live-In Care
Finding the right live-in caregiver is critically important for those with dementia. Our partner, has developed a well-honed screening process for matching caregivers. Get started here.

Adult Day Care
Adult day care is ideally suited for those with early-stage or moderate dementia. It is also a cost-effective form of care for families who are able to provide care themselves at home on nights and weekends. Most cities and towns have multiple adult day care centers and some which specialize in dementia. We’ve partnered with Eldercarelink to help families find the right adult day care near their homes. Start here.

Assisted Living / Residential Memory Care
Finding the right community for your loved one is difficult both emotionally and logistically. Our partner, A Place For Mom, understands the process and offers free counseling and matching services. Complete their short form to get started. Begin here.

Nursing Home Care
For individuals whose dementia has progressed as to require full-time nursing home care, our partner,, can help both with finding the right home and with helping families with the transition process. Get free help now.