Repetitive Questions of Alzheimer’s Patients

My mother has Alzheimer’s, and I care for her.

I have found that a simplified, wearable recorder (see website address below) can help with the problem of her frustrating, repetitive questions.

I record messages that tell her what’s going on and reduce her anxiety.  A typical message might be “Hi, Mom.  Today is Tuesday.  You have had a good breakfast and taken all of your medication.  Mary is here with you, and I will be back after lunch.”

She presses the big, white button to hear the comforting, reassuring message.  I hear her playing it many times all day long.  I can change the message easily and as often as necesary.

This simple recorder has improved my mother’s self esteem because she is doing something for herself.  It has also given both of us more peace of mind.


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This is the nice way to tell the Alzheimer patients.

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Hello people, my uncle have Alzheimer, so i decide to join here to read posts and share my info too!

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This sort of blatant abuse of these forums with messages containing ads really bothers me.

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