Pain and Dementia

This is a useful website affiliated with the University of Alberta or those interested in learning more about pain and dementia.  It was specifically designed for family members of individuals with dementia and healthcare providers.  

The website provides links to:

  1. An online presentation about pain and dementia
  2. Additional materials to give more detail about the topics covered in the presentation
  3. A toolkit for organizations who would like to put on a workshop with these materials

These resources were produced because people with dementia often experience pain that is undetected and under-treated.  Learn more and register for free at

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submitted by on Tuesday, 04/17/2012 - 2:14am

Thanks for the link, I saved it to my favorites so that I can review later when I have more time, 

submitted by on Tuesday, 04/17/2012 - 5:25am

Thank you, my mum is taking an anti-depressant and aricept at the moment, she is not violent, thank goodness, earlier she used to use force to shove my dad and me. She gets over her moods pretty fast. Now is not too bad, but the rudeness and repeation is there. It is annoying but what is there to do? The other drugs make her silent and zombie like.

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