New ARICEPT 23mg and Lyrica

Has anyone had experience with the new stronger dosage of Aricept? My hubby has Lewy Body Dementia, and has had a great benefit from Aricept overall. Was hoping that this new dosage would be even better — but it seems that there is no change, except that he’s a bit sleepier probably.

Also, has anyone had good results from Lyrica in treating “phantom” pain?


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submitted by on Thursday, 01/13/2011 - 7:32pm

Looks like the last time you mentioned it, your hubby had been taking Aricept 23 for 10 days.  It is now about 8 days later.  How are things going? I am truly interested.Mary

submitted by on Thursday, 01/06/2011 - 4:44pm

Yes, he does have delusions and hallucinations, although very very mild.  At least compared to before he was put on Aricept 10mg, and Namenda.  He also takes Seroquel RX 50mg.  When we are alone and watching TV in the evening, I will look over at him and he is usually having a conversation with himself.  Sometimes I will say, what?  and he usually answers with something that he last remembered from TV but I think he has just made it up because he knows I caught him talking to himself.  I am thinking this is either hallucinations or delusions.  Or maybe its just that he's talking to himself.  I don't know how to tell the difference lately. Have you noticed any more intestinal upset with the Aricept 23?  I think anything is worth a try. 

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Yes, John did have some nausea for about 5 days when he started the higher dosage, just the same as when he started Aricept originally. Now he seems to have adjusted very well and it seems that some of his delusions have diminished. He often thought there was more than one of me -- odd, but I think common with LBD. That seems to have stopped since the higher dose. Thanks for responding! So good to know others who are dealing with the same things!

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My husband also has LBD and I asked the neurologist about using Aricept 23.  He said as far as he knows it hasn't been tried for LBD, just Alzheimers.  He was willing to let us try it but I said we would wait a bit longer.  I am very interested to see how it is working for your LO.  Sounds like he is more sleepy than usual.  How long has he been on it?  Our neurologist was going to inquire about using it for LBD.  So hopefully on our next vist this spring I will hear something.Mary

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Hi there! My hubby's been taking it for about ten days now. My understanding is that these types of drugs usually help LBD patients more than Alzheimer's. Since that was our experience early on, still hopeful it will prove out. Does your LO have hallucinations/delusions as well?

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