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In a CNN article titled “Music it’s in your head changing your brain” Dr. Limb from Johns Hopkins stated he thought it was possible to thwart or completely cure dementia from the study of a musical instrument.  As a music education research analyst, my work has been published at Johns Hopkins University New Horizons Journal for Learning.  I would like to present the study to patients and families who are struggling with this disease. Documented research has shown that a new music education program, under US Patent, is making great progress in advancing children’s math and reading scores from D- to 98% in 3 to 6 months time.  The program has also been effective with special needs children.  More information about the research and development of music and the brain is available at

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Dear all, my name is Tija and I am a researcher at Middlesex University where I am specialising in exercise and ageing. My grandma was diagnosed 5 years ago and since then I was doing light exercises (accompanied with music she likes) with her every day. It became a part of the day she enjoys the most. Her face lights up and even though she is not able to perform all the moves, she is willing to try (on her own). As the family members living with/taking care of their loved ones with dementia are crucial for their well being, I started to wonder how do other family members take care of themselves and if they do any physical activity. As a part of my Phd I would like to develop an exercise programme for family carers of people living with dementia in order to help them maintain their well being. I would like to invite anyone willing to participate in such research to fill out the questionnaire accessible on the link below. The research has been awarded ethical approval from Middlesex University.
Any response and/or passing the information further would be much appreciated.
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