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Hello:  My husband has been diagnosed with LBD about 1 year ago even though symptoms have been going on way before diagnosis.  Has anyone started any legal matters for their loved ones?  What about where to start for ideas?  Is there any documents that I can do from home before I would have to contact a lawyer?  Thank you!

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Thank you very much.  I will check out the resources to start.

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I contacted my local area Agency on Aging.  I picked up a packet that includes a Living Will and a Health Care Power of Attorney to start.  They did give me a phone number to call about finding an attorney for senior legal matters.  I still have to call that number to see where that will lead.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start. There are a lot of details to take care of, aren't there? Good luck as you navigate the system.

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I plan on spending my spring break from work to get through the Living Will and Health Care POA.  This is a start. 

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Vivian, if you click on the RESOURCES tab and then type legal in the key word search box you will find a nice list of materials. Browse through the short descriptions and select a few that mgiht be of interest to you. It is very handy to have this research done for us!Among the things we did in my husband's first year were for me to have financial Power of Attorney, and also medical Power of Attorney by being named as such in a witnessed and notarized Health Care Directive. I also have a form authorizing me to sign for my husband on tax papers. My husband is donating his brain for research and that is among the papers in our collection. This is very important to my husband and he always asks (several times) if I have the papers with me when we travel. If you don't have wills, this might be a good time to take care of that, too.That's a starting point. I wish you luck!

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