Is it safe to move him?

I live in Ohio and my parents live in NY. My father is in the late stages of Dementia and is already under Hospice Care. Unfortunately, my mother isn’t in the best of health herself. My question is this…would it be wise to move my parents to Ohio so I can help care for my father? My thoughts are to have him sedated during the ride here but my mom is being told that the move can cause him to do downhill. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated!!!

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I tend to agree with not moving him in his late stages of Dementia as it could cause more confusion adjusting to a new environment, especially if he is under Hospice care.

Have you spoken to Hospice and their thoughts?

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My mom is in late stages of Alzheimer's Disease and also in hospice.  I think that you should call your dad's medical provider and discuss with him the options for transferring him.   He may not tolerate being in the car for such a long ride. edit:  I meant for this post to reply to someone's question, I will try again, sorry

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