How much family involvement when moving someone to a care facility?

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I received this question via email but I thought I would post it here and open it up to the group for feedback. Thoughts?

Do you have any information on if it is better when moving a person with dementia to a new memory care unit for the family to back off and let the staff at the new facility handle the transition or for the family to be part of the process?

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I agree that having family around would be very helpful to the patient/family member. Otherwise there might be confusion over why a stranger is moving them into a strange place. I would also bring a few family photos or other comforting items (favorite blanket, etc.) to have out in a prominent place at the new facility.

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The only good reason I can think of for less family involvement is if family presence is upsetting to the person with dementia. That is rarely the case.  In most cases, family provides comfort and reassurance at a difficult time. The family can also provide a great deal of valuable caregiving information to the paid caregivers. The family needs to be an ongoing part of the caregiving team beginning with the first day.

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