Depression! When does it end for her?

We have my mother staying with us now, as it has become obvious in the last few weeks that she isn’t coping in her own home. Despite the dementia, she is normally a cheerful, easy-going person with a sense of humour, but since moving in last week she’s been in a pit of depression, only rarely coming out of it, then sinking back down, scared, confused, crying.

After virtually begging her GP, we got an anti-depressant script, but this is only staving off the delusions that had been triggered by her bouts of misery.  The misery remains.

The dementia I can handle, showering and dressing her and collecting soiled undies I can handle, but standing by helplessly as she cries all day is too much to take.

Is this a phase? Will it go away, or is this her state of mind from now on?  How have others handled this situation?

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