Why I care about dementia

Many years ago when i was small i used to visit my grandmar each dinnertime during school breaks. At first things were fine and we would have a laugh about my day and especially hers. She was always a bit eccentiric. Doing stuff most grandmars would not dream of, like doing leapfrogs and pulling funny faces and talking in funny voices. She was great to be around. As i grew older i noticed adifference in her, she became more withdrawn and less funny. I still visited often but i noticed a diference in her ability to laugh and talk about everyday subjects. She seemed to deterioate very fast. Over a period of 5 years she completly changed from the funny, outward bound looking grandmar to one who barely said a word and refused to move from the chair she was placed in each morning. I could not understand why this was happening at the time and it wasn't explained to me. I'm not quite sure anybody really fully understood her condition, it was 30 years ago. I suppose it was a bit taboo at the time but how things have changed. There is help and support available now and the disease if better understood. I now write a blog on dementia and come across other people's experiences with dementia everyday. Its a dreadful disease.

At the time dementia was not widly known about, it was just put down to her age. But looking back i now realise that she was suffering from dementia. God bless her

This is what gives me the interest and hope that oneday somebody finds a cure for the diseases that make up dementia