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My mother, Ruth, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2005. She was always a vibrant, energetic woman and I think one of the hardest parts for my family is seeing her gradually decline and being unable to participate in the things she loved to do. She loved daily morning walks with her dog, Toby, but since she got confused one day and was unable to find her way home, we don't allow her to go on her own any more.

It has been a hard road but we are fortunate that almost 4 years after her diagnosis, we are still able to see her personality shine - through it all she has not lost her sense of humor. She always doesn't recognize her grandkids and great-grandkids anymore, but she seems to know that she loves children and is always happy when we bring the kids to see her and the kids have fun with her, too!

I created this page because I wanted to share my mom's story and my family's journey to provide care for her as well as to have a place where I could find support by talking to other families going through the same challenges.