If you are reading this then you are not here by chance. You are searching.  Before you consider jumping off the nearest bridge or overpass, know that you are not alone in feeling the overwhelmong frustration of caring for a person with dementia.  Your world has changed, so has theirs...your new reality is different from the rest of the 'normal' world.  You can find help and solace in these pages.  You are among friends who understand what you are experiencing.

My name is ELLE and I was granted sole guardianship of my older brother TOMMY in September of 2010.  Tom is 63 years old and his Alzheimer's presented itself in small degrees at first.  I din't pick up on it but his three closest buddies saw it comming.  I did not spend much time with my brother because, frankly,  I did not enjoy his company.  (More on that later.)