Providing care for Betty

My dad passed away in 1998.  I promised to care for my mom, Betty.  She and my dad were great parents and it is a priviledge to care for my mom now.  She was diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimers around 2006.  7 years after my dad died, she and her high school sweetheart, Harold,  found each other again after 60 years.  She lived with Harold in Florida until he died of cancer in December 2009.  I traveled from Atlanta to Jacksonville several times a month to care for her and for Harold.  After his death, we moved my mom into my home.  The move, plus his death, were very hard on her.  After a few months, things settled down to a managable routine.  It is now June 2010.  She has taken a sharp turn downhill and I feel like we are back to the point where she moved in with us in December.  She cannot remember where she is, how she got here, what she ate, etc.  I am thankful she can remember our names.  My husband and adult children and grandchildren are great to her.  Other family members never come to visit her.  So sad.  Their loss.  I am glad to find this webpage and the support it will provide to me.