My Mother My Best Friend

The earth seemed to stop when I heard the diagnosis. My grandfather died of Alheimzer. I never thought my mother would get this disease. Her diagnosis was frontaltemporal lobe dementia. I noticed immediately that I could instinctively tell when she went into episodes of the dementia. My father though he lives with her he is unable to communicate with her in a way that is not demeaning. They finally moved closer to me. During the moving process, I made slimming down her closet fun. When she got overwhelmed, we stopped and sat down talking about other things. Then I prompted her gently to go through it again. One pair of pants she constantly wore were dirty holes etc. She would not allow my father near them. When she finally moved into the new house, I took those pants off the hanger and threw them away. I replaced them with an exact new pair. When she inquired where they were. I was honest and told her they were in the trash. Since my mother was a Bible teacher for over 40 years, I used the Bible and imagery she could understand to explain why i threw them away. She understood. I would have to repeat myself. I didnt mind. When she enters these episodes, it breaks my heart. I feel like I am hold a kite string trying to keep a kite from flying away in the midst of a hurricane. My father has turned to alcohol to deal with this. I turned to a psychologist and psychatrist as well as the Lord.  The hardest thing is watching this vibrant creative woman fade away.