My loving dad


My name is Debi I am the daughter to a wonderful man, I have been divorced for 15 years and have 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls, my oldest two are boys and are my biological children and 3 adopted, two girls and a boy, the boy I adopted when single he is 15, my youngest daughter lives w/me and my son and my dad.  I have been caring for my father, who is 93, for about 6yrs, we live in the home that he built for my mother and us 62 yrs ago, dad began to forget and have difficulty about 4 yrs after my mother pass and it became apparent that he would need a helping hand, my dad and I have always been best friends and there was no way that he would be placed in a care facility, I promised my mother that I would take care of him.  Dad was a contractor in the area and a loving father and husband he had and still at times a great sense of humor, dad was always there for every one, no matter whom it was he would help them to the best of his ability.  You know many say that we lose our love ones twice, once to Alzheimer’s and then to death, but I do not believe that I believe that we do not lose them to the disease they are just not able to get all the files in their mind on the right track, it is harder for spouse to deal w/their love one w/the disease then w/the children, will in my situation because I feel I am so lucky to give back to him what he has given to me and my siblings, he was always there, built houses for us, help w/personal problems, w/money when needed, and for us girls walked us down the isle.  When my dad started to go back in his life I was so lucky to be there to hear the stories of his life and learn so much about my dad as a child and young man and how he and mom became to be husband and wife.  That is such a gift for me, I know at night when I tuck him in bed and give him a kiss that I am the lucky one to have the privilege of caring for my dad, it is hard on the other kids but I feel if you are a caregiver it is not a problem, dad has been failing more and more, but he will be 94 in Jan. and lets face it we can only go for so long in our life.  My hope is that he will fall to sleep in his bed, in the house that he built and go home to the lord.  You all have a great holiday.  Debi