Mae O’Neil Dementia Story

I am a 54 yr. old woman, I went back to school at the age of 51 and graduated from Kaplan College in 2008. Then I went back to the Kaplan for a second time and did it again in 2010. I was taking care of my mother for 36 years since my dad passed away. I was told that she had Dementia, It was hard to take in that the only parent you have left has Dementia. But I did take care of her until I could not do it anymore. It is very hard to watch them go down very slow in front of your eyes, and you can't do anything about it. I had to put her into a nursing home, so she could get the care she needs. She was the one that made me go into the healthcare field. It is not easy to put anyone into a nursing home, when it is your mother. Now I have to be the mother at times, and she is the child. She calls me different names, but I know better and don't get upset about it. I am just enyoying the time that we have with her at this time.