Loving John, Hating Lewy

John was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in July 2002, though, like so many others, I had seen signs for a few years before. He had been a high school English teacher, and it was really his students who brought to light symptoms that resulted in his being "written up." This compelled me to finally stop denying the cognitive decline that I'd been seeing and seek medical answers. John was put on medical disability not long after that, then stopped driving a year later. Over the years, especially through the links provided by Alzheimer's Daily News I discovered that John may have Lewy Body Dementia. The Mayo Clinic concurred with this hunch, and we've been experiencing a relatively slow decline. This year, four months ago, John had a hip replacement surgery that through into a steep decline that lasted for weeks. It really looked like his life was ending for a few weeks, and he was placed on hospice. During that time, it seemed that my intervention could make a difference and I left my job to be by his side in the rehab facility. On October 1 he returned home and has made excellent progress, though he's still in a wheelchair. His confusion has increased, but he's scoring well on the SLUMS test -- in the Mild Cognitive Impairment level.