Long Distance Louisa

My mother lives about 2000 miles away from me.

She has always had short term memory recall, though she is also very intelligent.  Loves to study, love to read the bible, very outgoing and loves people.  I should say, she used to love to study and read.  Now she has no interest in it.  

She is a one on one person, meaning she thrives sitting down with a friend or another human and chatting over a cup of coffee.  Everybody was her friend.  Now everybody is a suspicious character, it seems.

She remarried about 5 years ago to a man she has known for quite some time.  We gave them lots of space, since they were newlyweds.

A couple years before she got married, we (her children) noticed she was starting to get more confused in the daily details of life.  Like getting lost while driving.  She started isolating herself and really thought the people that loved her most were trying to hurt her.

It was last Wednesday I got the call from the Doctor.  She has quite a bit of atrophy on her brain.  She needs to take medicine and get  on a medical plan.

All of her children live far away.  The closest children are a 12 hour drive away.  

We aren't there to take care of her.  We have to rely on her husband to take care of her.