Living W/O my Mom while she is still here

I am sure my experience is like thousands or millions of others. But this is my first experience with dementia other than being around my grandmother once just before she passed away and after she no longer remembered anyone. I know that will happen with Mom someday but I have no idea how to deal with it. Or the bureaucratic red tape it takes to get help in caring for her. I have no help except that which I pay for and I work fulltime. I am not married and did not have children when I was married and my family simply does not care to be involved. They think I should put her in a "facility". She cared for her mother, at home, until she passed at 95. She cared for my father, at home, with hospice care involved until he passed away. I believe she deserves the same, to be able to be where she feels safe. I understand that at some point she may not feel safe anywhere and will consider placement at that point in time when she no longer is reassured by her surroundings and people and pets she knows or has known. I could not sleep nights knowing she was someplace strange, scared and alone.