Living with FTD – Les and Lu and Family Too

August of last year,2011 our world as we knew it ceased to exist. My friend, lover, husband, father of our children was diagnosed with younger onset FrontoTemporal Dementia (FTD). I had been aware for some time something was not right, yet when I questioned him about certain things he would shrug it off. He started complaining about his work and the people he worked with, not like him at all. His driving was frightening, money was disappearing and he would become angry when I asked him about it. He would always say he was buying gas yet the tank was never full . Then one day he came home from work and said," please call the doctor, somethings wrong." So began our new journey. A journey we wish no person would ever have to take, a journey we did not choose to make,yet we have no choice as there is no cure.

Caregiving ? I am well aquainted with caregiving. We have a daughter who is handicapped and I have been her sole caregiver since birth. Now my spouse,Les. Sometimes it seems easier to care for them both at once, sometimes so much harder. I also have undergone a four heart bypass at age fifty. My caregiver was Les,now I am his as FTD destroys so much so fast. He tires easily,gets confused easily,angers easily. Most of his day is spent working puzzles or watching and rewatching old westerns . It's hard to get him to even take walks,let alone do anything like we use to do, yet I encourage him to do so. Our kids are a big help and that is such a blessing. Once a month we all get together for brunch at our home and Les just loves that time spent with the kids and grandkids.

The hardest part is lack of support groups close for FTD. We live in a small town and I do not know of one person with FTD nor a support group. I have considered starting one myself....

One thing FTD cannot destroy is love,our love for each other and love for family. Love will always be present even after FTD has dealt it's last card and it's love that will bring us through when all else may fail.