Island Dinghy

My mother has dementia.  We first noticed issues with memory about 12 years ago.  She has slowly progressed over time.  My father passed away suddenly in Oct 2009.  He was her care provider.  We suddenly had to have round the clock support.  We were fortunate to be able to hire a wonderfully caring and compassionate live-in caregiver.  She has been with Mom for a little over a year now.  Mom lives on an island in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle.  I live on a neighboring island.  It is an hour ferry ride to get between the islands and the schedule is not very accommodating so I don't get to see Mom as often as I would like.  Lately, her caregiver has been sending me a nightly journal post about how Mom's day went.  This has been really nice and helps me feel a little more a part of Mom's life.  I am a registered nurse who teaches dementia courses for the state of WA.  Mom has been kind enough to allow me to tape some of our interactions for use in my classes.