Hanna, Dementia and me

Hello fellow caregivers:

Just a little about me, I am an only child with not alot of help taking care of my mother who is in her eighties and has dementia.  She has had it for at least ten years now.  I have been living with and taking care of her alone for four and a half years.  She is getting worse.  Much more mean, repeats herself constantly, asks the same series of questions at least forty to fifty times a day.  She needs help bathing, dressing, she can no longer pay her own bills.  It's very sad and hard at times.  I try very hard to be patient, but it isn't easy.. we have some fun good days.  I really want to find a telephone again that does not have  redial button on it, because she pushes that button over and over she called a resturant forty two times one day, no kidding.  Also she has back and knee problems walking with a walker.  The worst problem is that she trys to take off and wander, I have great neighbors and a caregiver who is here sometimes, but mostly it's me.  Im stressed out alot, and frustrated, but I pray and ask God to help give me strenght.   I try to think of what it would be like to have your daughter now be your boss, I try to put myself in her shoes, and sometimes it's hard to do that, because it's hard to be in my own shoes.! haha    Also remember if you loved one has never been on a scooter in the store, watch them carefully, my mother took off and wound up inside the pharmacy, the staff was none to happy she popped a wheelie just like evil knevil, haha.  We both laughed for hours over that.  I find that laughter is the best medicine sometimes and I bring up alot of happy memories to keep her smiling, and me too.