Carol and Stu’s Walk with God

After being in denial and feeling angry about Stu's short term memory loss and blaming him for not caring to remember, we started the investigative process of finding out what was wrong with Stu's memory.  After one neurologist said he was depressed and didn't have enough to do because of early retirement, we found Dr. Zimmerman who diagnosed Stu with early onset Alzheimer's disease.  All through this process, we believed that Jesus was walking with us to comfort and help us and give us hope on a daily basis.  Some days are good.  Some days aren't.  The days that aren't good are when Stu gets angry at me, retreats, withdraws and doesn't speak to me.  He also acuses me of saying or doing things I don't say or do.  I have been attending Caregivers' mtgs which have been helpful.  Daily I have been asking Jesus for more of His spirit to help me be Stu's caregiver.  And He has.