Importance of Communication with those with Dementia

Good communication benefits the person with dementia, as well as you, the caregiver. Not only is communication a rewarding endeavor in itself, as it provides ways to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings, but successful communication can also have a myriad of other benefits.

For example, effective communication can:

  • Reduce anxiety and confusion in your loved one
  • Improve the relationship between you and your loved one
  • Tip you off to discomfort, pain, dental, or vision problems.
  • Help you be a better caregiver
  • Build trust
  • Improve cooperation
  • Help you feel more successful as a caregiver
  • Allow your relationship to continue or even grow

An individual with dementia’s ability to process verbal information declines with the progression of the diseases, making the way caregivers communicate with them, both verbally and nonverbally, all the more important.

This guide will teach you different ways to communicate with your loved one. Main sections will discuss:

  • Barriers to Communication
  • How To Communicate with Someone with Dementia
  • Communicating Nonverbally
  • Communication in Later Stages of Dementia