Dealing with Emotions & Problematic Behavior from Dementia

Early symptoms of dementia may manifest primarily as memory problems. As the disease progresses, the brain is more and more affected, and other types of symptoms will begin to occur. Caregivers may be surprised when their loved one’s moods and behaviors change, but this is normal, and many of the changes are common and predictable.

While separate phenomenons, emotional and behavioral problems are often inter-related. For example: sleep disturbances may cause irritability, hoarding may be related to anxiety, etc.

After reviewing this Caregiver Guide, you will:

  • Understand basic common emotional and behavioral problems which people with dementia experience
  • Understand some of the reasons behind emotional and behavioral problems
  • Gain strategies for coping with emotional and behavioral problems
  • Learn the skill of redirection
  • Obtain skills on gaining your loved one’s cooperation
  • Learn about swearing and Alzheimer’s disease

Video clips in the Caregiver Guide are used with permission from the professional training DVD “Accepting the Challenge,” produced by the Alzheimers North Carolina, Inc. More information is provided at the end of the guide.

Read on for more information on emotional and behavioral problems in people with dementia.