Coping with Memory Problems from Dementia

Memory problems can be confusing for both your loved one, and yourself. For example, your loved one may accuse you of misplacing something that belongs to them, even if you haven’t touched it. Know that your loved one isn’t blaming you on purpose, but that they are simply confused and trying to find a logical explanation and solution for something that is troubling them.

You can help your loved one remember things by creating memory aids, including:

  • labels
  • instructions
  • pictures and diagrams

You can also help yourself by anticipating common items that your loved one might lose, and either locking them away (in the case of irreplaceable items such as photographs and jewelry), or keeping spares on hand.

Be sure to keep spare copies of keys in a safe place where your loved one won’t find (and possibly lose) them.

You may also find that your loved one loses or “hides” items in the same place over and over. Be sure to check there first!