Bridget’s caregiving service: Nanny, PCA, CMA

My desire is to have a positive impact on my community by assisting individuals with their caregiving needs. I have empathy for everyone. My work experience has been working with people of a variety of ages, ethnic backgrounds, cognitive and physical ability levels, and economic status. I thrive on providing people with the skills and information they need to make positive changes in their lives.

I am a life-long caregiver. Since childhood I assisted my mother in her struggle to live with the progressive disease multiple sclerosis. I gave up a lot of freedom to be a family caregiver; I neglected my own needs to attend to my mothers. Over many years of working with my mother’s home health aide, I gained balance: I learned how to take care of myself first in order to take care of others. I was in a stronger emotional state of mind when I become a family caregiver again helping my father battle esophageal cancer. All my Dad’s nurses, including the hospice nurses gave exceptional care both to my father, and to the entire family. They had the gift of providing comfort and support during a time of pain and suffering. The service these nurses gave providing medical care with passion profoundly impacted my family and ignited my desire to give back to others facing medical hardships.

Professionally I have always worked with children through a variety of private Nanny Positions. I also worked with at-risk youth and their families. I developed the ability to think out-side of the box and find creative solutions to everyday obstacles. I taught children and their parent’s skills to help them break down their personal barriers and live safe, happy, productive lives. I am a very active childcare worker and love to teach children through active play and arts-n-craft activities.

Presently I work as a Personal Care Assistant for a man living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. My services helps this man live at home instead of a nursing facility. I am responsible for this complete care and am prepared to respond to any medical emergency that may arise.

I value volunteer work. I work with cancer children and their families, I serve as a therapeutic mentor, and I am learning skills to help my community following natural disasters.

I greatly desire to constantly build new skills. I wish to use my new talents to help people in the medical field. I was drawn to this job listing because of the various job duties listed. I enjoy a variety of activities all put together to make a difference. I look forward with meeting with you in person to further discuss my qualifications for this position.