Back Door Logic

For most of my life I have had at least one old person in my life. There was Walter in my 20's, Tommy and Aggie in my 30's, and now in my 40's moving into my 50's, I care for my mom. She's got an illness that none of the others that I had cared for had, she has Lewy Bodies Dementia. I'm new to LBD. Hallucinations, weird behavior, loss of memory... all things that are terrifying to the patient. Every day is an adventure, never knowing if "the man" will appear or if she'll even remember who I am. The most difficult job I've ever done is caring for my mom. We have a full house here. New husband, demented mom, mother in law and me, all of us under one roof... some days a blessing, other days I would prefer to get out of Dodge!