All About Rich

My dad Rich was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in 2002 and then got a new diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in 2005. His first problems were with his memory, which he actually noticed before anyone else and pointed out to my mom - then they went to see their family doctor. He has moderate dementia right now and still lives at home with my mom, although they are soon (I hope) moving to a retirement community near Tampa because the housework and cooking is too much for my mom. Her health is pretty good, but she doesn't handle stress that well and would be glad to have less to worry about as dad's dementia gets worse. My dad's memory problems are getting worse and he recently stopped driving, which was difficult for him but we all agreed was necessary. Mostly he is the same happy-go-lucky man that he always was, although I can see that he is slowly starting to slip away from us. I hope that we can get a lot of joy and spend many happy times with him in the next few years.