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My Journal


This morning, Mom and one of her neighborhood friends went to the Municipal Hall for the Senior Citizens get together. I was apprehensive to let her go, but knowing that they are going with groups of other Senior Citizens as it is part of their usual get together/activities, I let her without going with her. I have work. I am single, and Mom lives with me. Though I have a brother, he does not share or give anything for Mom's expenses save for the few when he was still living with us whenever Mom would ask him because I still did not have my salary. Thus, I really have to work or else, I could not even put food on our table or keep the house we are living in. Sorry to sound materialistic, but I do not intend to give this house up. It is the only thing I want in my life that I have.

The week begins

Here I go off to work again. Checked on Mom to be sure she is breathing. Out the door, not knowing what the day will bring. The weekend was not so good on Saturday, better on Sunday but when I was going in to get ready for bible study, she started acting needy. So I decided to listen via phone connection again so I could keep an eye on her. With the new handicapped shower I feel much better about her using it but still want to observe how it goes for a little while and I never know when she is going to take a shower. She seems to be adapting to it and the idea of only showering when I am home, kind of like the two are connected which is a relief. Just to know she no longer has to step into a tub with her shakiness makes me feel better.

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